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Twitchstats is the most comprehensive Twitch analytic tool on the web. Currently there are 781,883 Kappa spammers watching 27,005 professional gamers on Twitch. It looks Twitch is doing okay I guess...

We have seen total of 1,786,482 unique Streamers in total and so far only 683,228 are active in 2017. They have streamed total of 7,746,109 hours so far in 85 days. There are total of 38,723 games in our database.

League of Legends is still the most streamed game, Destiny is second and Overwatch is third on the list.
Top 3 most watched games are League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone.

English dominates as the most used language. Top 3 languages are English, German and Russian. 55.94% of the Channels stream in English, followed by German with 8.02% and Russian with 7.46%.

Most Popular Streamer so far is eleaguetv with 347,238 Average Viewers. Second place goes to gamesdonequick with 136,282 Average Viewers and third place is nalcs1 with 83,940 Average Viewers. Also, eleaguetv holds the record for most concurrent viewers with 1,025,493 Viewers in 2017. That is an all time record, btw.

Streamers that have the most followers are syndicate, riotgames and esl_csgo

Currently there are 2,735 teams in our database and IRONIEHELM TV, KPI Gaming and EroxGG are the newest teams.

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