Top Streamers Currently Online

StreamerViewersGame NameWatch Now
1 dotastarladder_en25,073Dota 2WATCH NOW
2 starladder118,560Dota 2WATCH NOW
3 wayne7552512,694League of LegendsWATCH NOW
4 c9sneaky12,402NiohWATCH NOW
5 faker12,058League of LegendsWATCH NOW
6 shroud11,068Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
7 dinterlolz7,763League of LegendsWATCH NOW
8 a1taoda7,247Dota 2WATCH NOW
9 fairlight_excalibur7,088For HonorWATCH NOW
10 p4wnyhof6,560HearthstoneWATCH NOW
11 admiralbulldog6,493Dota 2WATCH NOW
12 godjj5,611League of LegendsWATCH NOW
13 itshafu5,545HearthstoneWATCH NOW
14 goldglove5,053Resident Evil 7 biohazardWATCH NOW
15 clintstevens4,33660 Seconds!WATCH NOW
16 sirhcez4,265League of LegendsWATCH NOW
17 quin694,020World of WarcraftWATCH NOW
18 lenagol0vach3,913HearthstoneWATCH NOW
19 dlxowns453,752OverwatchWATCH NOW
20 leveluplive3,362Street Fighter VWATCH NOW
21 asmodaitv3,261HearthstoneWATCH NOW
22 joshog2,960H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
23 esl_lol2,817League of LegendsWATCH NOW
24 yapyap302,696InsideWATCH NOW
25 game2eye2,694Talk ShowsWATCH NOW
26 garenatw2,671League of LegendsWATCH NOW
27 riotgamesjp2,445League of LegendsWATCH NOW
28 gotaga2,390H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
29 steel_tv2,354Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
30 gobgg2,190League of LegendsWATCH NOW
31 eclypsiatvlol2,187League of LegendsWATCH NOW
32 richard_hammer2,146Hollow KnightWATCH NOW
33 arsartone1,969Dota 2WATCH NOW
34 peeve1,962For HonorWATCH NOW
35 anthony_kongphan1,830For HonorWATCH NOW
36 sizer03461,787IRLWATCH NOW
37 nana2dx11,757Street Fighter VWATCH NOW
38 girlstorule1,742Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
39 burkeblack1,732Total War: WARHAMMERWATCH NOW
40 armatvhs1,704HearthstoneWATCH NOW
41 woowakgood1,609IRLWATCH NOW
42 bang1,558League of LegendsWATCH NOW
43 ellohime1,538Sniper Elite 4WATCH NOW
44 igorkgh1,516Games + DemosWATCH NOW
45 hearthstonefr1,502HearthstoneWATCH NOW
46 versuta1,465Dota 2WATCH NOW
47 cyberclasher1,455Dota 2WATCH NOW
48 nicegametv1,448Talk ShowsWATCH NOW
49 qsnake1,392Dota 2WATCH NOW
50 nairomk1,373Super Smash Bros. for Wii UWATCH NOW
51 drlee_kor1,345OverwatchWATCH NOW
52 ag_bean3r1,317OverwatchWATCH NOW
53 tru3ta1ent1,307For HonorWATCH NOW
54 djpernicus1,301SmiteWATCH NOW
55 ybicanoooobov1,299Dota 2WATCH NOW
56 fotosh1,296HearthstoneWATCH NOW
57 vman71,269League of LegendsWATCH NOW
58 esl_overwatch1,263OverwatchWATCH NOW
59 exbc1,255IRLWATCH NOW
60 excessiveprofanity1,197NieR AutomataWATCH NOW
61 a5410211,193League of LegendsWATCH NOW
62 harbleu1,179Resident Evil 7 biohazardWATCH NOW
63 sick_nerd1,167RuneScapeWATCH NOW
64 bloodyfaster1,167CreativeWATCH NOW
65 flamehopper1,153H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
66 natsuyatamashii1,139Super Robot Taisen VWATCH NOW
67 gratis150ml1,132HearthstoneWATCH NOW
68 zai1,121Dark SoulsWATCH NOW
69 crendor1,089World of WarcraftWATCH NOW
70 ogaminglol1,082League of LegendsWATCH NOW
71 jennyeatsbabies1,081IRLWATCH NOW
72 retrogaijin1,077Night in the WoodsWATCH NOW
73 109ace1,070Super Robot Taisen VWATCH NOW
74 nielnieh3451,060NieR AutomataWATCH NOW
75 thetravelinggamer1,020NBA 2K17WATCH NOW
76 kinggeorgetv997Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeWATCH NOW
77 joshimuz994Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasWATCH NOW
78 bkids2990Heroes of the StormWATCH NOW
79 slotokillers972CasinoWATCH NOW
80 sev7nlol964League of LegendsWATCH NOW
81 cowsep962League of LegendsWATCH NOW
82 sutanmi956League of LegendsWATCH NOW
83 teaminven954For HonorWATCH NOW
84 dreamhackcs954Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
85 fluidwindlolz912Payday 2WATCH NOW
86 cocopopp671910Layers of FearWATCH NOW
87 aurateur886Super Mario MakerWATCH NOW
88 ludoman_tv879CasinoWATCH NOW
89 bonkol876HearthstoneWATCH NOW
90 skill4ltu829World of TanksWATCH NOW
91 monstercat796MusicWATCH NOW
92 dj_michii792For HonorWATCH NOW
93 aces_tv791World of TanksWATCH NOW
94 qkrfuddn0756StarCraft IIWATCH NOW
95 grimmybear749H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
96 jinhong112746Resident Evil 7 biohazardWATCH NOW
97 lightofheaven741Dota 2WATCH NOW
98 ant1ka718Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
99 zousenpai703League of LegendsWATCH NOW
100 jahmillionaire703For HonorWATCH NOW
Most Games played by Top Streamers

RankGame NameStreamer count
1League of Legends18
2Dota 210
4For Honor7
5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive5
7H1Z1: King of the Kill4
9Resident Evil 7 biohazard3
10Super Robot Taisen V2
11Talk Shows2
12NieR Automata2
14World of Tanks2
15Street Fighter V2
16World of Warcraft2
17Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas1
18Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege1
19StarCraft II1
20NBA 2K171
22Heroes of the Storm1
23Payday 21
24Night in the Woods1
25Super Mario Maker1
26Layers of Fear1
27Games + Demos1
28Hollow Knight1
3060 Seconds!1
32Total War: WARHAMMER1
33Sniper Elite 41
37Super Smash Bros. for Wii U1
38Dark Souls1