Team Name:
Order of the White Lotus
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Team Created:
December, 15, 2016
Average Viewers:
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Team Info :
Just a twitch stream group made up of friends. If you are interested in joining send a DM on twitter to FireBall1725

Streamer: og_arist0tle
Game Name Average Viewers for og_arist0tle while playing this game.Average Viewers Highest Viewers for og_arist0tle while playing this game.Max ViewersStream Time
Overwatch1364133 Days, 8 Hours, 20 Minutes
Minecraft2835747 Days, 16 Hours, 30 Minutes
Hollow Knight13535014 Hours, 10 Minutes
River City Ransom: Underground60938 Hours, 0 Minutes
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin761811 Days, 20 Hours, 20 Minutes
For the King54986 Hours, 40 Minutes
Secrets of Grindea59843 Hours, 0 Minutes
Talk Shows731481 Hours, 0 Minutes
For Honor711201 Days, 6 Hours, 50 Minutes
Creative1243571 Days, 11 Hours, 30 Minutes
Rocket League851112 Hours, 10 Minutes
We Need to Go Deeper701063 Hours, 50 Minutes
Worms W.M.D911197 Hours, 50 Minutes
7 Days to Die11425211 Hours, 30 Minutes
Portal 213932211 Hours, 30 Minutes
QWOP10912050 Minutes
The Jackbox Party Pack 210010120 Minutes
IRL882045 Hours, 50 Minutes
The Impossible Game59741 Hours, 20 Minutes
Streamer: quetzi
Streamer: fireball1725
Streamer: kiwifails
Streamer: amadornes
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