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Team Sp00ky
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November, 4, 2011
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We are a group devoted primarily to the Fighting Game scene.

Streamer: teamsp00ky
Game Name Average Viewers for teamsp00ky while playing this game.Average Viewers Highest Viewers for teamsp00ky while playing this game.Max ViewersStream Time
Street Fighter V3,69515,1226 Days, 11 Hours, 30 Minutes
Injustice 27,32916,29819 Hours, 10 Minutes
Tekken 72,7608,8951 Days, 21 Hours, 0 Minutes
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 33,73022,8362 Days, 0 Hours, 30 Minutes
Guilty Gear Xrd REV 22,96112,8591 Days, 7 Hours, 0 Minutes
Talk Shows3415,0192 Days, 3 Hours, 30 Minutes
Paladins32758913 Hours, 30 Minutes
Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite5126481 Hours, 50 Minutes
Killer Instinct6,48024,9601 Days, 14 Hours, 30 Minutes
Super Street Fighter II Turbo1,7975,7389 Hours, 40 Minutes
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution8,22525,83911 Hours, 40 Minutes
Skullgirls6,6147,8251 Hours, 30 Minutes
The King of Fighters XIV2,8877,0331 Days, 0 Hours, 20 Minutes
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium5,4056,0142 Hours, 50 Minutes
Project Justice1,2301,5351 Hours, 40 Minutes
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing1,5721,59720 Minutes
Power Stone 29551,12850 Minutes
BlazBlue: Central Fiction2,5996,83811 Hours, 0 Minutes
Fate/Unlimited Codes2,5472,6801 Hours, 10 Minutes
Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe2,2692,26910 Minutes
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U1,7164,3285 Hours, 20 Minutes
Pokkén Tournament1,7982,1181 Hours, 40 Minutes
Super Smash Bros. Melee2,4525,28216 Hours, 30 Minutes
Ultra Street Fighter IV3,5965,7923 Hours, 0 Minutes
Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-3,1005,82612 Hours, 20 Minutes
Street Fighter EX2 Plus1,8762,1012 Hours, 0 Minutes
Street Fighter Alpha 21,7642,1343 Hours, 30 Minutes
Mortal Kombat X1,0261,9205 Hours, 10 Minutes
Tekken Tag Tournament 23514854 Hours, 50 Minutes
Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code2,2192,4652 Hours, 30 Minutes
Persona 4: Arena Ultimax2,5702,9662 Hours, 10 Minutes
Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting1,9612,3201 Hours, 40 Minutes
Streamer: nycfurby
Streamer: lordknight
Streamer: min2012
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