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TwitchStats has been live since August 2015 and since then it is the most comprehensive Twitch statistic page on the whole net. TwitchStats is the leading twitch statistic and here, you can find any and all statistics about twitch games, channels, teams, streamers and more.

In fact, you can even find statistics you do not care about. The goal of TwitchStats is to show the community the statistics and information about their favorite games and streamers.

Twitchstats has started as a personal project and it continues to grow each and every day. It is still under development and there are a lot of planned features that will be added in the upcoming months.


Q: Are all the Steamers being tracked ?

A: Yes and No.  Until Recently We only collected data from top 100 games and their top 100 streamers. However, since March, We are collecting data from top 1000 games and all streamers that have more than 5 viewers. 

Also, any streamer that has less than 5 viewers are not counted.


Q: What is Followers History, tracking ?

A: Followers history tracking TAB on a streamer page is as it's name implies shows the history of Streamer's followers count. You can see all the follower changes from this page.

The page shows every record for the streamer and their follower gain/loss. The page also shows when was the data collected and when was a new stream session started to give you a better idea when the follower changes has happened. This page is updated every 6 hours.


Q: How does the comment system works ?

Comment system uses Twitch API and Authenticate. If you would like to comment on a streamer you will need to have a Twitch account and use that account to authenticate.

The system does not keep any information about your account except your twitch name. After you have authenticate you can safely post your comment. Currently, there are no plans to add any other method to comment.


What is the update frequency on the site ?

We collect data from Twitch every 10 mins and the pages are updated as;

page name update frequency
All game rankings 20 mins
Streamer page 30 mins
all streamer rankings 20 mins
all team rankings 10 hours
team page 2 hours
sub count Daily

Q: It seems some data is missing ?

A: Twitchstats started gathering data in August 2015, so unfortunately any data before that date is not available.


Q: What is average viewers?

A: Average viewers is the main tool We use to determine the most favorite streamers and games on Twitch. Average Viewers, as its name suggests, is the calculation of the average viewers a game or streamer has. The calculation is pretty simple, every time we collect data for a streamer/game we record its viewers at the time and divide it by amount of visit.

For example, We collect data for itshafu and She has 5000 viewers and next time we visit her She has 3000 viewers, this means She has; 5000+3000=8000/2 = 4000 Average Viewers. Simple.

In most cases, Average viewers has a built in algorithm to determine the real Average viewers.

Every statistic on specific game page uses Active Average Viewers for the ranking except for Highest viewers and time streamed.


Q: What is Most viewers?

A: Most viewers is simply the highest concurrent viewers of all times for a game. For specific game, this list shows all the highest viewers even if it’s from the same streamer. Every highest viewer data is shown.


Q: What is the Highest viewers ?

A: This ranking is only available to game specific ranking. It will show streamers with the highest concurrent viewers. This list includes a streamers only once.


Q: What is the difference between Most viewers and Highest viewers ?

A: The only difference is that the most viewers can show multiple data from the same Streamer. It is goal is to show the highest concurrent viewers list without any kind of restrictions.

The Highest viewers on the other hand will show the highest concurrent viewers per Streamer.


Q: What is all time viewers ?

A: All time viewers is the total number of views a streamer/game had since We started to gather data. This also shows as “Total Views” on Streamer’s main page on Twitch with “eye” icon next to it. For games, it is calculated by us.


Q: What is time streamed ?

A: TwitchStats tracks how long  a streamer has been streaming when S/he is online. In short, Time Streamed shows how much a streamer has had streamed on Twitch. Game Time Streamed works the similar way, All streamers that had streamed a specific game will added together to show how much a specific game was streamed on twitch.

For example;

Lirik has streamed Arma III 1 hour
Lirik has streamed Cod 1 hour
Lirik has streamed Overwatch 3 hours

Summit1g has streamed CS:GO 2 hours
Summit1g has streamed Fallout 4 2 hours
Summit1g has streamed Overwatch 1.5 hours

Time Streamed stats will look like this;

Lirik has streamed 5 hours
Summit1g has streamed 5.5 hours

Overwatch was streamed 4.5 hours
Fallout 4 was streamed 2 hours
CS:GO was streamed 2 hours

And so on.


Q: What is Average Channels ?

A: Average Channels is a tool to show the popularity of a game between the Streamers. Channel and Streamer means the same thing. The more channels the game has the more streamers interested in streaming/playing that game.  However, more channels does not necessarily mean more popular game to watch on Twitch. The viewer count is the tool to determine the popularity of a game for viewers.

For example;

Hearthstone has average viewers of 50k and 2nd on the list compared to Destiny that has 15k and ranked 8th. On average channels, Destiny has 1.2k channels and 2nd most on that list compared to Hearthstone which only has 300 channels. This means, more people like streaming Destiny but more people like to watch Hearthstone streams.


Q: What is followers ranking ?

A: This is very simple and easy to explain. Followers is the count of how many followers a streamer has. You can also see this number on a streamers page on twitch with a “heart” icon next to it.


Q: What is the Average viewers Algorithm ?

A: As We described before, Average viewers calculation is simple and easy. However, this by itself causes some problems on the ranking. A channel that streamed for a very short time but had very high viewer count is effectively put on the top of the list, even though the channel is not an active streamer and mostly used to promote or showcase some specific stuff.

To prevent this and create a fair and real ranking with the active streamers, We have implemented an algorithm to weed out none-active channels. It is only fair to consider streamers as most popular only if they are and active streamers. In short, Average viewers can be actually be called “Active Average Viewers” that shows the most popular active streamers.

This also effectively works for games as well. One very popular streamer inflating the numbers and putting the game on high ranking is something We need to prevent. If the “Active Average Viewers” was not implemented, games like Barbie would be on the top 10 list of most popular games on Twitch.


Q: What is included in the channel details, Streamer page ?

A: Channel details is the detailed statistics for every single Streamer on Twitch. This page shows the personalized statistic for the Streamers. Most things on this page is self explanatory.

This page will show how many games a Streamer has had played in total. It also have detailed statistics of which games were played and their individual statistic such as specific Average and Max Viewers for each and every game separately. It will also show how much every game was played/streamed.

Some other stats that show on this page are, when the streamer has started to stream, when was the last time streamer was online or is the streamer is currently online if so a snapshot of the stream.


Q: I think the web design is ugly..

A: Twitchstats is currently still on beta and will be updated many more times in the upcoming months.

The design of the website will get better, however since I am a backend developer it will never be as pretty as some other websites out there.


Q:What is the Sub count ?

A: Currently the subscription count is only an estimate and it is most likely not very accurate. However, the ranking should give some idea about sub numbers.

Every streamer on this page had those sub numbers at least once in their career so it shows the potential. We are planning on tracking sub counts with a different methods in the future.


Q:What are Team statistics ?

A: Team statistics include all the teams on twitch. As you may know, one streamer can be a member of multiple teams and Twitchstats keep tracks of all.

Most rankings are similar to game and streamer rankings and calculations are based on them. Team details page shows the info of the team, creation date and all the members of the team with the games they have played.


Q: Why not some games and streamers are not on the rankings ?

A: As explained before, some rankings have algorithm to show only the ‚‚.Ě streamers/games on the rankings. They can still be accessed from their own page.

However, they will not show up on the rankings unless they meet the requirements.


Q: Are you a lurker ?



Q: I have a questions, suggestions, critic ?

You can contact me using the form on Contact TAB or you can send me a private message through twitch.

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