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Top StarCraft II Streamers Currently Online

1 ogamingsc21,036Team Liquid : Map Contest Tournament 2 - FinaleWATCH NOW
2 esportnow800FEC Warmup - 1v1 - Komentuje EmilWATCH NOW
3 lowkotv705STARCRAFT & NERD :: Follow: @LowkoTV :: !prime !sub !tipWATCH NOW
4 heromarine635Tryhard Practise Ladder (no commentary) - @mouzHeroMarineWATCH NOW
5 rotterdam08491RotterdaM: My last day biblethump, flying to poland tomorrow!WATCH NOW
6 esl_sc2256RERUN: Jaedong vs. Semper (ZvT) - WCS Season 3 Challenger AM - Match 2WATCH NOW
7 beastyqt249Grandmaster 1 v 2 Diamond Players BEST OF 5 ~ Check out my YouTube, type !youtube for a link :)WATCH NOW
8 wintergaming212!Rerun ❄ New players !startsc2 !guides ❄ !youtube !terran !zerg !protoss ❄ Starcraft !freeWATCH NOW
9 zombiegrub127SC2 ladder working back to Masters 1-- !discord !coachingWATCH NOW
10 dimaga121DIMAGA 1v1 EU Grand Master LeagueWATCH NOW
11 neuro107Zerg GM Learning !clothesplz !replay !social !bookWATCH NOW
12 zergtv90★ STARCRAFT 2 | Комментатор ZERGTV ★WATCH NOW
13 pavelbratok61SC2 Убить 7 протоссов! Q(._.Q)WATCH NOW
14 belairstarcraft56[GER|LIVE] #PassionCraft Season 7 Qualifier 3 gecastet von der Fachkraft für Lager und LustigWATCH NOW
15 zerggirl52Masters 1 Zerg: Learning New Habits - Avoiding Overlord BlockWATCH NOW
16 temp051♫Temp0♫ IT'S A NEW DAY, YES IT IS! The MOST consistent thrower of games. #FAXWATCH NOW
17 gauntletsc243Go4SC2 Europe Cup #755 WATCH NOW
18 gungfubanda42Helloo Boyss ~ GunGFuBanDaWATCH NOW
19 hiljom21Hiljom, strong woman from Norway streaming sc2!WATCH NOW
20 vlare17Masters Protoss - Practicing the art of ChillWATCH NOW
21 dicom_u16SC2 手が震えるけど練習WATCH NOW
23 jimrsng16[ESP] Retransmisión!!! Torneo Sentimiento Latino.WATCH NOW
24 baguettepsyko13[FR] Zerg master 1 !WATCH NOW
25 zukawa12[FR] zuka - De Bronze à Master | orKs esportsWATCH NOW
26 grimreaper_eu12< 🔴 MARINE ARENA DAILY - KEEPING MA ALIVE - HIGHEST LEVEL MARINE ARENA - ) Pubs with the Subs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🔴 >WATCH NOW
27 canaldkntv10DAKKON NA ÁREA - !loots !coach !whey !action !bemvindo !social !avatar WATCH NOW
28 scvodarchives92012 Monsieur J Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Code A Round 1 - July vs YoDa Match 6 Set 2WATCH NOW
29 agile_tv8High GM De-Rust WeekWATCH NOW
30 pekuod7Mi terran es malo mi Protoss peor pero mis subs son la hostiaWATCH NOW
31 wellbrained7[En|Ger] Master Zerg ~ 【Twitter: @WellBrained】WATCH NOW
32 saeria_5Ladder adventuresWATCH NOW
34 zustever45조용히 음악들으며 스2 래더 | KR/NA SC2 Terran/Protoss LadderWATCH NOW
35 marvil_stream5❤ Играюсь ❤ WATCH NOW
36 lekilsc24LeKiL - Clanwar Addict Academy vs IOCWATCH NOW
37 aureliushs4[Guides&Gameplay] Bisschen Off-Race !replay !zergWATCH NOW
38 diabby4Trying to get masters :s Protoss PracticeWATCH NOW
39 spectergaming4Protoss Ladder and maybe some CoopWATCH NOW
40 syclone814[GER] Co-oP| mal schauen was heute so geht :D | !lootsWATCH NOW
41 sksy214스타2 boris 전그마저그 스2는 새벽에 해야 재맛.(.KR 5900 ladder)WATCH NOW
42 wabaa3Quick break from fortnite | $150 Giveaway at 600 followers! |WATCH NOW
43 railgan3GM Zerg ~WATCH NOW
44 xxgaylordxxsc23wc3 campaign WATCH NOW
45 beastyqt_zpeed3Starcraft low 2v2 :DWATCH NOW
46 biotechterran3Starcraft II Passion Ladder Dia 3 4k MMR WATCH NOW
47 ichimarnold2ChampionsWATCH NOW
48 kj_freeedom2SLOW MAN ZERG (under 200apm) MASTERS ladder then maybe teams |!songrequest | !sfx | !milesWATCH NOW
49 v4crotos2WATCH NOW
50 deniskapepiska20052Капец мерские жуки да, вот бью людейWATCH NOW
51 3lann2(GER) SC2WATCH NOW
52 xiphos_tv2Definitely TrashWATCH NOW
53 darklair012[UK] My first playthrough of StarCraft 2 [BLIND]WATCH NOW
54 suprotivist2(EU EN/BG) Still ded but will try to do some games WATCH NOW
55 walkwithant2Master one terran on EU mechin' it happen :DWATCH NOW
56 mildse7enx2PLAY4U VKT - "Aiur Arena"WATCH NOW
57 crazzy_llama2🔥RU Профессионал в деле🔥WATCH NOW
58 fergoz22Ich lebe für den Schwarm | Zerg KampageWATCH NOW
59 paddywan41Having fun, don't judge <3WATCH NOW
60 landerthinking1!Giveaway Kayzr tournamentWATCH NOW
61 puzzlepiecegaming1Being A Noob at StarCraftWATCH NOW
62 parserya1231Учусь кликать в серебреWATCH NOW
63 black_cat331잼타2 월령전WATCH NOW
64 blemsc21The push for masters: Educational commentary WATCH NOW
65 sir_verdyh1[PL] [ENG] Every race to Master - #Terran time #Day 9WATCH NOW
66 kilshais_sc1[English] Diamond EU Terran Practice [New Key Layout!] Day 3WATCH NOW
67 ptitom1#cheesy cheese DIAMWATCH NOW
68 zinkc1ladder dia 2WATCH NOW
69 thylomer1Z-Master 1 | straming in 2018 omegalulWATCH NOW
70 axion_sc1Theoretical StarCraft + Gameplay | Dia 1 Scrub on the road to Master 3 | Sorry no commentary today, feel free to join in and chill :DWATCH NOW
71 poigrachgaming1СТАРКРАФТ 2: Путь в TOP-100 4x4 за рандомWATCH NOW
72 hidan19951Silver to GoldWATCH NOW
73 selphie1121[GER] 1on1 Ladder Shredder Selphie WATCH NOW
74 acinfr1GO Master NA Terran!!WATCH NOW
75 pantiff1кампания. уровень: боец . исполнение - ракWATCH NOW
76 secionared1Stream ~5k mmr zergWATCH NOW
77 uf1a1терранWATCH NOW
78 matador66py1(FR) protoss diamant, serveur (NA) objectif: atteindre les 200 de pop et attaque clicWATCH NOW
79 unfugpsy1EU Zerg DIA - Cartoons from outer Space WATCH NOW
80 awrodo1Gaming WATCH NOW
81 daste_1Ladder Terran diamant3 frWATCH NOW
82 fenix121219851VilZWATCH NOW
83 e1ev3n_dev0Прохождение WATCH NOW
84 dalis910[GER] [EU] mal seit langen wieder anspielenWATCH NOW
85 csclucifer0Возрождаем Империю(Аналитический стрим)WATCH NOW
86 fanegasmcnofler0starcraft easy master climbingWATCH NOW
87 grindilka03 золотоWATCH NOW
88 nickloadd0терран. трайхард. ладдер. вэлком.WATCH NOW
89 berrus50Sexuality WATCH NOW
90 sergfila0SC2 по фанчикуWATCH NOW
91 gamedude20StarCraft II - Practicing.via 1 Vs. AI.WATCH NOW
92 dimonosil0learning how to play WATCH NOW
93 gdoggcasey0Diamond Zerg trying not to be bad.WATCH NOW
94 wolf_2220master 3 way to GM ladderWATCH NOW
95 koshmar19810ладдер за имбуWATCH NOW
96 divanis220Ностальгия в сюжете, сложность - ветеранWATCH NOW
97 kl1x860[GER] Nach langer Pause zurück nach Master ? Oder eher nicht ...WATCH NOW
98 dagovenah0protoss diamond 3 scrub gameplay movin on up >:D music by count Bass D best rapper you never knewWATCH NOW
99 outlaw_actual0-=Chill Streams=-WATCH NOW
100 inkisiteur590[Master 3 Zerg] LadderWATCH NOW