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Twitch Helper Launched...December 5, 2017

We have justed launched a new service for Streamers. Twitch VOD Helper.

This service is a fully automated Twitch to Youtube VOD Exporting System. You only need to press few buttons to authorize your account and you are done. Your past broadcasts will be automatically uploaded to your Youtube Channel. Sign up and completely forget. Simple and Easy.

You can learn more about our service at 

Good Streaming...

Banner Ads Launced.!!September 6, 2017

We have just launched our own Banner Advertisement Network for our Advertisers. We will be using our own network for banner advertisements from now on which should make Twitchstats faster and cleaner.

Currently all other external ads have been removed from our website until further notice.

Let's hope that this new system will be better for everyone.

Online !followage toolAugust 23, 2017

Hello all,

We have added an online !followage tool for everyone check and see how long they have been following their favourite streamers. We are sure that this tool will be very helpful to everyone. No more spamming !followage in a channel to try and see channel followage.

You can check out the tool here: Online !followage tool

Have fun.

Celebrating 2 year...!!August 9, 2017

Happy two year to all of us...


Twitchstats has been providing the most amazing and awe inspiring analytic data about Twitch users, streamers, teams and communities for 2 years now. 

Thank you all and to celebrate this 2 year anniversary Twitchstats paid features such as Streamer Page Upgrade and VIP Membership will be available to EVERYONE, yes you have read it right to EVERYONE for 2 WEEKS.


Vodcast Update..June 9, 2017

As most of you have seen, Twitch has started to support streamers using "VODCAST" to stream their past broadcasts while they are not online. This, unfortunately effects the streamer statistics (in a bad way) and shows lower numbers for streamers who uses this feature.

At this point, We have disabled data collection from Vodcasts. Starting today, no vodcast data will be collected and vodcast data will not effect analytic numbers.

The last 8 days of data, however is in the database but should not effect the Averages at the end.


We hope to provide the best. Have fun...


Twitch launches Communities beta...February 10, 2017

Today Twitch has launched a new feature. Twitch Communities. This new feature shows streamers under a related category of their chosing. This is actually a lot like how Teams were functioning with 1 simple difference, 1 streamer can only be a member of 1 community.

This seems to be a fix to Teams, since Teams were pretty much being used for exact same reason as a community group. Now, hopefully Teams can be used more for their real purpose, a real Team group. 

Let's see what changes will be coming soon to Twitch and Twitch Communities. You can already check out the analytic data about this new feature, Check out our new Communities Section

History has been made....January 29, 2017

Today We all witnessed a history being made. First time a channel has reached and passed over 1 million concurrent viewers by itself. This is a major breakthrough for Twitch, CS:GO and Eleaguetv which broke the record.


Eleaguetv has reached over 1 million concurrent viewers Today on January 29, 2017 with 1,025,493 recorded viewers. This is the highest ever on Twitch. Eleague Major has started on January 22 and has been going for the last 7 days and finally ended today.

Eleaguetv had an average of 370341 viewers in this time frame. If We do not count the Rebroadcasts, the number goes up to 445,253 average viewers which is very impressive..


In all of this, Twitch also had major concurrent viewers, in the period of Eleague Major Grand Final, Twitch had over 2 million concurrent viewers with highest recorded at 2,362,523 concurrent viewers watching 36,889 channels.

Let's hope We see more major numbers like this in 2017 and beyond. Congratulations to Twitch, CS:GO and Eleaguetv.

New Year, New Design, New ServerJanuary 4, 2017

Hello Everyone,

It has been such a long time since I have posted here. I have some good news and some great new. First of all, Happy new year to you all. Lets hope that this year brings us all a brand new Golden Kappa emote...

Now, as you have noticed the website design has been updated. It looks much better now with better responsive design elements. Also, We have changed our server again to a faster more powerful one.

Finally, you can now filter the lists by language of the streamer. This was a feature that has been asked the most. 

Have fun and enjoy.

Detailed Search tool for streamersMarch 22, 2016

Well Met Twitch Fans, We are introducing a new search tool for streamers. Starting today, you can see the full detailed statistics for your favourite streamers. This tool will show the detailed statistics for followers, viewers, average viewers and time streamed for daily, weekly or monthly time periods. On top of those, you can enter a custom time and see the details for that time period as well.

Enough talk, you can check out the tool HERE. If you encounter any problems or bugs please report it through our Contact page.

Have fun!!!!

Data Collection Change.March 4, 2016

Hello everyone, today We are announcing a data collection change. As you might know or probably don't know Twitchstats collects data from top 100 games and their top 100 streamers. Starting from today, We have changed the way We collect data.

From now on, Twitchstats will collect data from top 1000 games and every streamers that has more than 5 viewers. This way even new streamers can see their stats fully.

Rejoice Everyone....

New Server and Optimization PassFebruary 29, 2016

Helllooooo Everyone,

We have moved to our new server and this means faster website for you all Twitch Stats Lovers. I have also made optimization on the webcode and this will hopefully make website accesibility much better.

Finally, there will be an important change to the way we collect data in a few days, so stay tuned...

Follower Gain/Loss History..January 6, 2016

You can now find follower gain/loss history for every streamer. This feature will show how fast a streamer gets new followers or losses them. As you already know follower count is a very important tool to show how popular a streamer. In a relation to this, follower gain ratio is a great way to see how fast a streamer is becoming more popular.

Happy New Year...!!December 29, 2015

Happy New Year to you all Twitch chat lurkers.. 2015 was a great year for us all. We had a lot of fun and We will continue to have fun in 2016 as well. 

Starting with the new year, We will be moving all the data for 2015 to our archive at Main site will have the fresh data for 2016. Let's see if this makes things more interesting.

Thank you all for your support. We will continue improving Twitchstats in 2016 more. Happy New Year.!

Comment system has been added...December 6, 2015

Hello All, We are very happy to announce that We have released our comment system for your use. Now, You can comment on your favourite Streamers and discuss their statistics with them.

Let's not forget that this is still beta and If you encounter any problems please let us know... Have fun.

Fallout 4 Craziness Has Begin...November 9, 2015

One of the most anticipated game of 2015 is finally out. Fallout 4 is the latest instalment for the legendary Fallout Series. You should be either playing it or if you can't at the moment, you should be watching it.

Now go to our Fallout 4 page and check out the currently online streamers and enjoy the show. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Overwatch Beta Begins...October 27, 2015

Highly Anticipated Blizzard title Overwatch just went Beta. The beta testing started both for US and EU regions and famous streamers have started to stream this beautiful game.

Now all you need to do is Click here and go watch some Overwatch. Do not miss it...

Star Wars Battlefront is out..October 7, 2015

The day has come, Star wars Battlefront is out and Twitch is getting restless. All the famous Streamers are currently playing it and they will be streaming it for a while.

so, dont miss out and check out which streamers are currently streaming Star Wars Battlefront and who has the most viewer of them all.

May the Force be with you Kappa lovers...

Teams are available now!!October 2, 2015

Hello TwitchStats Enthusiasts.

Today We are proud to announce our Team statistics section. All the E-Sport teams that actively stream on Twitch are available to see.

You can see which team is the most popular on Twitch, which one has the most members and which Streamer is a member of which Team.

You can also see; view and follower numbers, oldest and newest teams and many more in our Team section..


so go ahead and Check out our Team  section and sate your curiosity..


We are Live!!!August 20, 2015

Greetings fellow Kappa lovers. TwitchStats.Net is now LIVE!!

You will be able to find all the statistic about any and all streamers, games and team, here on this website. We will be providing you

with all the statistics you need;

average viewers a game or a streamer has,

who has more followers,

who is the most popular lol or hearthstone streamer,

is CS:GO has more viewers than COD ?,

Is Lol still and will always be the king ?

these and many more are available on our site. Enjoy...

P.S. The site is still in beta phase so please be gentle.