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On this page, you can find the analytic information related to the twitch games and streamers in 2016. The data here is a recap of 2016 and contains some very interesting and informative data. Please use the links below to check the desired statistic and recap of specific field. You can see detailed information about the streamers and game.

Some headlines from the recap;

Most popular games of 2016; Overwatch, FIFA 17 and Dead by Daylight.

Declining games of 2016; Fallout 4, CS:GO, COD: Black Ops III

New best Twitch partners in 2016: loltyler1, sharishaxd, moonmoon_ow

Most popular tournament channels of 2016; riotgames, esl_csgo, faceittv, dota2ruhub

Most watch streamers in 2016; imaqtpie, lirik, beyondthesummit, summit1g, nightblue3

Streamers who gained the most followers in 2016; nightblue3, esl_csgo, imaqtpie, summit1g

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New top Twitch partners in 2016