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On this page, you can find the analytic information related to the twitch games and streamers in 2017. The data here is a recap of 2017 and contains some very interesting and informative data. Please use the links below to check the desired statistic and recap of specific field. You can see detailed information about the streamers and game.

Some headlines from the recap;

Twitch had a great year in 2017 and was able to break a record with 2,362,523 concurrent viewers on January 29, 2017. This was thanks in part to eleaguetv which also broke a record for highest concurrent viewers for a single channel with 1,025,493 viewers.
We have seen over 1,438,678 active Streamers on Twitch. These Streamers streamed total of 38,723 different games.
On Average Twitch had 746,462 viewers and 24,691 channels in 2017.

Most popular games of 2017; League of Legends, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and Dota 2.

The games that gained most viewers are; PUBG with 68k avg viewer gain, Fortnight with 20k, IRL with 15k and GTA V with 10k.

The games that lost most viewers are; COD: Black ops II with 13k avg viewer loss, Friday the 13th with 13k and CS:GO with 13k.

Looks like aimbotcalvin is the most successful newcomer of 2017. Not only he has had 13 million views in 2017, he also gained 392k new followers.
Second and third channels are playoverwatch and pgl_dota which are company/tournament channels. mister903 with 4mil views and 230k new followers and ajehr with 5mil views and 100k followers are top on the list.

Most popular tournament channels of 2017; riotgames, esl_csgo, dota2ruhub, dota2ti

Most watched streamers in 2017; imaqtpie, lirik, summit1g, shroud, drdisrespectlive

Streamers who gained the most followers in 2017; drdisrespectlive, shroud, faker, summit1g, ninja

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