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The PlayGround
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June, 27, 2013
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Team Info : is dedicated to providing a live interactive entertainment environment. The house will host several live gamers who already posse sizable audiences on and are seeking to expand their entertainment opportunities. The games will vary from console systems in a gaming library room to the vast array of computer games both old and new. We are in the process of outfitting the house with 16+ cameras both indoor and out door to highlight the both the beauty of the location and the engagement of the gamers. Viewers will be able to interact with the streamers through either a house-wide chat system or via each streamer's personal programming. This audience engagement ensures high visibility through which brands can be integrated, reviewed and displayed for a large audience.

Streamer: thuum_
Game Name Average Viewers for thuum_ while playing this game.Average Viewers Highest Viewers for thuum_ while playing this game.Max ViewersStream Time
H1Z1: King of the Kill6740 Minutes
Streamer: kayykayy15
Streamer: floralcode
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